How to start running daily for beginners ?

Start time: Expert advice that will be useful

One of the many movements that come naturally to most living beings is running. You step after another and it becomes a walk; then the pace to start running and eventually run is increased. Unfortunately, it was a natural thing and became an intense exercise for most of us before. I barely remember the last time we went to run fast.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator is often the first step to be active. And make a commitment to start running is not easy too. After years – even decades – oxidation (not in sleep), the race seems stranger and against nature in the body. But if your commitment is rock solid and here to stay, it is imperative to take precautions and to start slowly, gradually increasing its strength and complementing it with a well-balanced diet.

New race? Fear not. Follow these steps to MPA your running routine without injury or discomfort –

1. It is not a rat race: Do not try to run again for your activity level or adapt were at a particular stage of life. You out there and do it, but you must first understand the current situation. Also, do not compete with anyone else around. Start slowly, make a solid foundation for not to get hurt in the process.

2. Time big feet: Have you noticed that everyone in the racing community is too obsessed with figures of all kinds. I suggest you do not worry about the distance and speed for the first month. Just focus on “time on your feet.” In a few months, once your base is solid, you can decide to do what you want to do. But until then, just enjoy the ride. Do it because you want to, not for the rest of the society around them.

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3. One step at a time: Start by alternating gentle walk for 1-5 minutes brisk walking for 1-5 minutes. Repeat 3-6 times. During the first week or two, just follow it. Yes, there are still operational.

4. Walk and Jog: Once you feel comfortable moving sharply 5-10 minutes without stopping, it is a good idea to start doing a little jogging. Begin by alternating 1-5 minutes fast pace with a jog 1-5 minutes. Repeat 3-6 times.

5. Strength training is important: You must start making the formation of the whole body the strength to make it more comfortable for you when running. It will help you run more efficiently, preventing injury. Strength training can be done at home or in a gym, body weight, machines or external weights.

6. Do not resist, just let go: This may sound very philosophical, but it is the most basic operating point. The more you resist, the more natural it will become more mistakes and that will do. For starters, relaxation shoulders and jogging in one place.

7. Easy deep breaths: Whether walking or running, you need to start working on your breathing. Do not take for granted. Soon, when you start running, you breathless and ineffective start taking shallow breaths. Practice breathing when you start walking take a deep breath, hold it down for a second or two, then exhale. This will become a natural process, even when it is running at a very fast pace.

8. listen to your step by step: If you can hear, you are too high. Be gentle on your feet.

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9. Listen to your body: Initially, your body will tell you just leave because it will not be comfortable. It is suggested that for the first 3-4 weeks following the tips above, but if there is pain that persists for several days, seek medical help. In a month, you will know what feels good.

10. appropriate running shoes: For people who have just started running, barefoot running is not a good idea. First learn to function better, then do what you want, but for now, just take a good pair, as needed, keeping abreast of appropriate cushioning and intermediate technologies.

11. Hydration and diet: Take a sip or two of water every 10-15 minutes, but no more. It is also a good idea to have a mixture of electrolytes such as Electral instead of water. Never run just after a meal. It will give a break of at least two hours between your last meal and career. After a race, it is important protein within 20-30 minutes.