5 good reasons to start work at work

You know you need to exercise. What you might not know you need it at work, or – even better – at work. Our best intentions can be easily forgotten when faced with the reality of a busy schedule, bad weather and a comfortable sofa.

How he escaped from that trip to the gym and exercise right on the desktop instead. Not only it works in the workplace to save time (and help avoid the temptations of your living room), but it is also a great way to improve your performance at work, according to recent research on Leeds Metropolitan University and University of Bristol.

Exercise is very beneficial, but only in the short term.
Although many studies compare the average level of health, anxiety, creativity and productivity of people who exercise compared to those who did not, the study led by Dr. JC Coulson has focused on how far increased levels of activity affected the same person. If it has moved, how this change and how he was made?

The research team found that exercise changes our attitude towards our work, our team, and we even. It makes us more positive and productive concentration and improving our ability to manage our time and tasks effectively. It also makes happier and stress-resistant people.

In short, the exercise of outstanding benefits, but only in the short term. Work caused an immediate increase in mental and physical health of the subjects, but the next day were basically back to the starting point. For the development benefits of improved productivity in other words, you have to leave the smallest possible difference between climbing the treadmill or stationary bike and return to work. That is why we set working up a sweat while you’re really in the office.

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Exercise stimulates teamwork.
The effects of exercise mood to drive are not just as individuals. The whole team can feel the benefits of being more active during the workday, the study shows. In the days when they exercised, subjects were more positive and tolerant towards others felt. As expected, improved labor relations. “This implies that the exercise at work has a moral-building ‘key effect, researchers say.

Adding some exercise in the working day has had a particularly positive effect on employees who suffer from anxiety and depression, two conditions that are clearly very detrimental to job performance. But even for those who are struggling with mental health problems, the impact of exercise on mood was deep. And happy employees are productive employees it. “Emotional affect can predict job performance more job satisfaction,” the researchers conclude.

You do not have to train for a triathlon.
But I do not want to go through the hassle of changing my training and get all sweaty work, you may object. Do not worry. It is not necessary to prepare for a triathlon to reap the benefits of working at work. Even something as simple as going for a short walk could be a boost to comply effectively. Danish researcher Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani showed that 30 minutes of walking twelve may increase the excitement and relaxation and relieve nervousness.

You may not even need to leave your desk.
In fact, according to another study, you may not even have to leave your desk to discover the benefits of working at work. The experience of a year introduced workstations the treadmill in a financial services company, so participants could choose between a standard office environment and chair or while walking at a modest rate of zero to two miles per hour.

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The new agreement had to get used to – the first performance declined while employees adjust to the new configuration – but then the amazing things started to happen. improved job performance participants almost any measure. Both the quality and quantity of production have increased, improved interaction with colleagues, even your self-evaluation of its work and feedback from supervisors, have increased significantly.

On the website even exercise helps people who work on their feet.
Exercise is only on site for those with sedentary jobs who sit all day? Not so, according to science. Even those who, like cashiers, hairdressers and nurses most of their time on their feet spend can benefit from the addition of some specific exercises in their routines. The right combination of stretching and activities can help prevent foot pain, back pain and repetitive motion injuries.

That’s why “the post office and companies like FedEx are hiring coaches to develop exercise programs for employees, give them instructions on what to eat and ergonomic risks Pinpoint. (For example, athletic trainers with titles biomechanics and kinesiology people see the delivery to lift boxes to correct its shape.) “the New York Times.