How to stop being jealous of successful people and make your own place

Unless you’re Warren Buffett between Usain Bolt and the world at the top of the global pyramid of success, no matter how you and your business to thrive, there will always be others out there doing better than you. You can have an impressive degree, a huge salary, even a yacht, but if you are inclined to compare always someone with better grades, more money or a bigger boat. If you can not stop comparing, you will never be satisfied.

Moreover, the desire not only makes you unhappy, it also makes it difficult to move forward in their careers and achieve their goals, according to Glenn Llopis Forbes. So how can you get off the urge treadmill and enjoy your success?

Juliana Brienes, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Berkeley, believes he can help. After studying how they are nice or bad for ourselves for her PhD research, recently they have Brienes current knowledge on disarmament of envy in his blog, Psych his mind. You counteract the effects of the monster “with green eyes,” she said, is reduced to five relatively simple steps:

Recognize envy. Admit the desire that we live can be a big threat, because it means recognizing our own weakness and insecurity. The first idea that lurks envy perhaps irrational feelings of hostility towards the object of our desire.

Recognise that pride is just across the envy of coins. It is tempting, but generally useless to try to counter the urge to pride. “Of course, he has a good car, but I’m fine” does not go very far. You may feel justified at the time, but sooner or later someone will come that you have a better car and more beautiful. In other words, reassure us about our own enviable features is unlikely to be sustainable

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Replace the envy of compassion. Despite the desire, it seems almost a compliment, which can be very dehumanizing. Reduce the object of envy of something very near and mask the complete picture of what they are and what their life. Have you ever envied someone who seemed to have the perfect life, only to discover later that they were actually achieved a very significant way? These cases are more common than we think – they simply do not have the opportunity to learn about the difficulties of someone when we are mired in envy of their seemingly happy life (Facebook does not allow things, by the way).

Let the envy of the fuel self-improvement – if any. When our desire is rooted in things we can not change us as a difficult childhood, a traumatic event, or certain health conditions and disabilities, using the desire to motivate self-improvement is more likely to we deepen frustration and guilt. But sometimes the urge alert us to things we want in life that are potentially achievable.

Do not forget to count your own blessings. As they say, the desire is to count the blessings of another partner rather than their own. Count our blessings is not the same as increasing our ego remember how we are better than others … It is to focus on what is really important in life.