Science says this simple trick can help you stop smoking weed

And if I told you there is a hack, which is backed by academic research, who can teach you quit the smoking grass (or cigarettes) forever? True, for good!

This simple technique was first used to teach people how to manage their money more efficiently, but inadvertently helped reduce alcohol consumption, eat junk food, save and earn more money and Improve school performance and work.

It is so effective that I have asked all my clients and even close friends who are trying to quit the herb to use this technique.

Almost all of them told me how they managed to stop smoking weeds in a month or two or were able to decrease the amount of grass effortlessly they smoked.

It is not an instant solution, but it is certainly effective in the long run.

The background

In the book The Power of Habit, author Charles Duhigg explains how researchers Ken Cheng and Megan Oaten conducted a four-month experiment to improve spending habits. Participants were asked to write on a piece of paper every penny they spent on the four-month period.

The only problem I had was keeping track of your constant expenses a custom, but once it was anchored in its system, it experienced incredible results!

After completing the study, participants have less smoking, less drinking and increased productivity at work and school. Oh, and an increase in their bank account (obviously).

Charles Duhigg tried to explain why participants had many advantages of tracking your expenses:

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Not only does tracking your daily expenses increase your willingness to quit smoking grass, but also helps the brain to associate pain with smoking and not the pleasure of smoking.
The principle of pleasure pain

If you are trying to change behavior, instead of using willpower, find a way to associate the pain with undesirable behavior and pleasure with the new and powerful alternative.

Through technical monitoring of weeds, you train your brain to focus on the pain that normally suppress and use it to help quit smoking from the smoking grass. You will have to face the reality of how much you are spending on the grass (I know, it hurts).
Apply Weed Control Technique

The first thing to do is commit to this technique during a trial period of one or two weeks. Research shows that if you start with low expectations, increases the likelihood that the habit is maintained.

We also want to use a pen and paper to save your expenses because research shows that writing helps your brain to learn faster and encode experiences at a deeper level.

And in this case, we help the brain to code the association of pain to smoking and not the pleasure of smoking. Is it logical?

One last thing, if you do not want to keep track of all your expenses, just follow the usual costs that are trying to change. I prefer to keep everything, but something is better than nothing, right?

The four stages of weed control:

1. Perform a pen and paper where you so that you can mark every time you spend money on weeds, cigarettes or spending the resulting smoking environment (ie, rolls of paper, bongs, Food or even travel expenses).

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2. At the end of the trial period, will increase how much you have spent.

3. Answer this question: What could have been done with this extra money? Make a list of all the things that the money could have been used for. Not only do I write to you, but imagine what you write sharply. You need to feel the pain of loss.

4. Note how his life might have had a positive impact if he really did these things instead of spending it on the grass or cigarettes. No matter how big or small the impact, if and when some form of improvement.