How to stop snoring: 3 simple exercises

It is as if a buzzer enjoy the glorious dream without chaos idea that was created by his strong nasal sounds, the partners are suffering. After all, who does not want a peaceful and quiet place to get a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work? Snoring is the result of the inability to breathe properly during sleep. When air movement is partially blocked during breathing – like sleep – causing vibrations in the throat, leading to loud sounds hoarse.

If this is the cause of your worries, here it is how to stop snoring. The researchers found that a set of simple exercises some of the language may reduce the frequency of snoring by 36 percent and the total power of 59 percent snoring.

“This study shows a promising treatment, noninvasive large populations suffering from snoring,” said Barbara Phillips, Medical Director, Sleep Laboratory at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in the United States.

One of the main factors that cause snoring is language. In fact, it tends to fall back during sleep, blocking the air passage in the throat. It is therefore important to strengthen the muscles of the tongue to help curb snoring.

The three exercises –

1. slide: snorers should try to push the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth and sliding the rear tab. It should be for ten to fifteen seconds, then slowly put the tongue back for a few seconds before repeating the whole process again.

2. Press: Suck tongue against the roof of the mouth, and pressing all the tongue against the roof of the mouth may also help. Do this as many times a day as possible for at least a few minutes.

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3. Roll: Forcing the back of the tongue to the floor of the mouth as the tip of the tongue is held in contact with the lower front teeth and lift the rear of the roof of the mouth and uvula saying the vowel ” TO”.