How to Stop Stress and Anxiety Symptoms ?

Stopping stress in 60 seconds or less

1. quickly get physical. KathleenHall stress expert suggests hanging a jump rope on the back of his office door and pulling a quick minute of year when you need to relax. They also consider jumps or crunches, you can easily pull in your office. No gym required.

“Exercise relaxes tense muscles become tight and rigid when experiencing stress,” Hall, CEO of The Stress Institute in Atlanta, Ga said., Education and training company that focuses on the effects of stress and how relieve. “The exercise provides oxygen to the brain, vital organs and immediately produces endorphins that relieve the muscles of your mind, body and soul.”
How to stop stress in 60 seconds played in 2. stretching tension. Simple stretches can also restore a sense of calm, according to Hall. She suggests three yoga stretches you can do while sitting in your office chair –and it is best to hold each stretch for up to five seconds. First, with his arms at his side, put his head between his legs, trying to touch the floor with his head. Secondly, hands on thighs, stretch the whole body upward. Then slowly, chin to chest. Third, with feet planted firmly, grasp the arm or on the side of the chair and turn your head to the wall. Hold for a few breaths and repeat on the other side.
3. Focus on your breathing. Wendy Duncan stress expert recommends a breathing exercise she calls “cardiac coherence”, which is done in three steps: First, place your left hand on the heart, breathing imagine that flows through the heart. Take four counts of breath, and exhale four counts. So imagine the feelings of love, joy or compassion radiating from you like rays of light.

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“This method was discovered in late 1970 while searching for a heart transplant,” Duncan, founder of Wendy Duncan International in Redmond, Oregon said., Which provides for stress relief programs, retreats and workshops. “The main conclusion is that your heart has its own brain and intelligence. Cardiac activity drastically impacts you and those around you. Synchronize your heart and the mind has immediate benefits to relieve stress.”

Stopping stress in 60 seconds or less

4. see a softer image. Start with your eyes closed and in a relaxed position – either sitting or lying down. Then Duncan suggests imagining a healing light lavender moves through your body, eliminating any stress or pain.

Another visualization technique comes from Cindy Kubica, an expert on stress in Nashville Tennessee ,. She suggests putting your hand in front of you, palm up, and close your eyes. Display glass sitting in his palm, or have one in hand is, if you have a stone. The healing properties of crystals are supposed to go back centuries to many ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, the Chinese and American Indians. Some of the most popular are amethyst (peace), citrine (healing properties) and variscita (relieves anxiety).

Display the shining stone and distribution of heat in his palm, then in the middle of his body, the diffusion of light and color across the chest to the head, arms to the core fingers, then to both legs down to the toes.
5. soothe your senses with soothing essences. Aromatherapy is another form of secular alternative medicine, but with this technique, natural plant extracts are used to help increase the physical and psychological well-being. According to the Alliance of International aromatherapists, some of the most popular stress relief essential oils are lavender and pink to relieve anxiety – and marjoram to promote relaxation.

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