Stopping yourself from Suicide

Recap: Four things to consider to help you stop cutting: Talk, awaken your true feelings, ask for help, and seek God.
Once you decide that it is committed to stopping the cup, you will discover what a struggle it is to go sober ?? and kept free of this horrible addiction.

Although they are starting to recover, you can always feel the urge to cut. You should be prepared to know how to deal with these powerful impulses. Each of these practical ideas to help you, or someone you know, to be released.

Stop feeding the monster cup – until the end

Each urgently you need to cut will disappear over time, but only if not followed. Whenever you act on your desire to cut, which is the biggest boost ?? a bit like feeding a monster. Each time you feed the addiction is more likely to feel the need to cut the next time you feel the same emotional pressure. The longer you hold against the emergency, without giving further impetus to decrease.

Desire to reduce Distracted

One of the best ways to stimulate the cutting passes is distracted by someone or something else. This will allow time to move when you feel deep anguish cut, and get your mind off of it. It is impossible for your mind to think of two things at exactly the same time. Here are some ideas on how to do it .

  1. Call a friend or meet them in person. Talking about what is comfortable for you. The key is to keep talking.
  2. Take a shower. This will help you satisfy your body, physically too distracted. (Make sure no razors in the shower).
  3. The exercise of walking, running, biking, hiking, swimming, yoga, etc. While you exercise, your mind is more likely to think about anything other than cutting.
  4. Play with a pet. Take your dog for a walk.
  5. Watching TV or a healthy non-violent film.
  6. Make yourself a sandwich, drink a glass of water or a cup of hot chocolate.
  7. Listen to positive music ?? that will certainly help to change your mood.
  8. Write in your newspaper to learn to express their feelings in writing.
  9. Create art, or a kind of creative hobby.
  10. Volunteer somewhere like a nursing home or hospital. In fact, get a job you will also help. someone cut the people of boredom.
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