15 simple but powerful exercises to relieve stiffness and lower back pain

Almost every person on this planet has experienced a kind of back pain, whether in the lower, middle or upper back. I can tell you that those who have had bad will witness the horrible pain that can come with any kind of back pain. Some may become so desperate that they will turn to options such as surgery. Ouch!

But if I can help without doing something radical? What if you find that back exercises or stretching can be the only thing that really helped?

Read this list of fifteen exercises that will help you relieve your back pain.

1. Inversion table

Investment tables are an excellent piece of equipment that help to stretch the back to another type of level. They use the force of gravity to help stretch the spine. If you are experiencing a type of back pain, an investment in one of these might be your answer.

2. Plan Cobra

Cobra can be done wherever you feel comfortable and you have plenty of space. Cobra stretches have relieved the back pain of many people and continue to help those seeking relief. Always keep your feet together and go as high as possible with the shoulders.

3. The lower back

Low back turns are easy to stretch. These twists help stretch your buttock muscles and lower back. When making this stretch, be sure not to lift the shoulders off the ground while you bring one of his legs through his body on the other side.

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4. low back stretch

The low back stretch back is a large area of ??the back area. Use your hands to pull your knees toward your chest. Do not worry if your lower back on the floor. Hold your position at the top for a good 15 to 30 seconds, then release.

5. Fitness Ball Wrapper

By using a large fitness ball, you are going to make the fitness ball wrapper. This extends the back in the other direction and you will soon discover how effective it is and how much relief it gives! Stay as long as you feel your body is wrapped around the top of the fitness ball.

6. Raise static legs

Increasing the static helps the lie leg with the lower back by placing more pressure on the back of a vertical view. You will find this very comfortable and ease. If you have had a hard day’s work and your back is a little bad, increase the static leg lying for 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Machine plan hyperextension

This stretch is very similar to the large envelope of the fitness ball. Instead, however, you are using a hyperextension machine that sits at your local gym. Get one and slowly lower until you feel a full stretch in the lower back. Remains locked in this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

8. Stretchable glue

When you pull your foot under the knee of the other leg, you can then start pulling both legs off his chest. This will help to give a greater stretch in your buttocks of the area and lower back. Hold this position for fifteen to thirty seconds, then release.

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9. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are an excellent exercise to use to strengthen the lower back and many more other muscles. However, if you are already experiencing low back pain, I advise you to go to light with these exercises to avoid aggravating your lower back. Keep your back straight at all times throughout the movement.

10. Ab Crunches and rope

Sometimes back pain can be caused by muscle imbalances in the central area. This type of pain can be alleviated by strengthening the weak abdominals, which serves to counter the strong back muscles. Rope crunches and bending are some of the best exercises to strengthen the core and help begin to support the lower back.

11. hyperextension on the fitness ball

If you do not have a gym membership and prefer to do this stretch at home, grab a big fitness ball and lie on your stomach. Start by placing both hands behind your head and shoulders down. Stop once feeling a full stretch then hanging the lower back, and pulled back. You can use it as a post-exercise stretch and do more reps.

Hyperextension 12. Exercise

An excellent exercise in the lower back, this exercise can only help you create a strong back. If you have a low return, I advise you to start this exercise immediately. As hyperextension big ball fitness, it will go down until you feel a full stretch. You can increase the intensity holding a dumbbell in your hands.

13. Pelvic Thrust

Start with the whole back flat on the floor. Bend your legs and your feet are delivered with the hamstrings. Push up with the legs and thrust pad out. To increase the intensity of this exercise, place and maintain a certain weight over her thighs.

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14. Less rest and more rest

Sometimes prevention is the key and this can certainly be applied to lower back pain. Lower back pain Many people can be attributed to the amount of sitting they make each day. According to US News, 86 percent of Americans feel 13 hours a day. It does a lot to be seated, and if by any chance it will stay so long, I invite you to take as many ruptures as possible.

15. Useful seat belts

I can not lie, belts have been an important factor in reducing my back pain factor. If you are in physical shape, sit a lot, or have a physical job, I advise you to look into a belt that can help relieve the pressure on the lower back. Support him and support him again.