Syncing from iPhone to PC

If you have a new computer or iTunes reinstalled iTunes library migration is easy, unless you’ve somehow lost. Fortunately, you can get anything your iPhone without much hassle. Here’s how.

Recently I had a problem with iTunes and ended up deleting my entire library. I still had all my music and apps on my iPhone, but iTunes does not have a method to synchronize again in the other direction. After a little research, I found it was quite easy to get all the way there I just had to do some extra work. This is what the process involves.

Transfer your music and videos with Sharepod
It is quite easy to restore the songs you bought on iTunes, but all that has ripped or downloaded itself is stuck in your iPhone. Therefore, you need a little help to get music and other videos in your library. Windows users should remove SharePod, which will transfer music, videos, playlists, voice notes, and even your return to iTunes. Mac users will Senuti, which is $ 18.99 if you want to transfer over 1000 songs (despite the age, free version can still function). For more information about using these programs, see our detailed guide to copy music from iOS to your computer.
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Once all your music, videos and playlists are back on your computer, you can re-sync everything to your iPhone, like this:

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Connect your iPhone to your computer. Click in the iTunes sidebar and go to the “Music” tab. Check the “Sync music” and resynchronize or all music and playlists.
Repeat this process with your videos, if applicable.
Once completed, the iPhone will be linked to your new computer, but you will have all your music in sync with each other.

Transfer requests with iTunes

Now that you have music, the other main thing missing is iTunes applications. The problem is, if you try to sync, iTunes tells you that “All existing applications and their data on the iPhone will be replaced with applications from this iTunes library.” Here’s how to sync the iPhone with the new equipment, while making sure to keep all your applications and data intact.
Connect your iPhone to your computer. Click in the left sidebar and choose “Transfer Purchases” from the dropdown menu. This not only allows the transfer purchased music, but all and all the apps I downloaded from the App Store as well.
Let the synchronization application on your iPhone with iTunes.
When finished, click on your iPhone in the sidebar, select the “Applications” tab in the main panel, and check the “Sync Applications.” This will prevent that will replace the applications on the iPhone, but do not worry, they really will not change much. All documents and data remain intact.
The only drawback is that when the synchronization is performed, all applications have been rearranged on the main screen. But after putting them back in the order and the correct folders, iPhone must be exactly the same as it was before, with all their applications and data in the right place, and is expected to synchronize with your new copy of iTunes .

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Here! The process may seem a little complicated at first, and would be great if iTunes has done all this for you, but unfortunately, still ignoring this important function. Hopefully, with these instructions, you should be able to get all the information in iTunes without losing data on your phone. Next time, make sure you have a good backup of your computer, this way, you can restore the old iTunes library completely, so everything is synchronized again without problems!