Complete Guide to Take Screenshot (With Pictures)

To capture a screen is an important skill that young people have. Not only it is displaying the images of computer programs and access to online resources if you do not have Internet access but are essential for the detection of cyberbullying recording.

Catches granted to stimulate intimidation are used, the insured of the screen allows you to copy photos and incriminating messages. To be, however, prepared for a young man in front of situations of bullying, it is essential that he / she knows how to take evidence of cyberbullying taking the pictures.

What is a screenshot?

But first, what exactly is a screenshot? To capture screenshots or screen is an image of a user of the computer, phone or tablet outlet, use the device in question, to the visible elements on the screen to record. The image is saved as an image file. Screenshots different programs or through the use of special, keyboard shortcuts / keyboard will be taken.

Steps to Take Screenshot on Windows:

Taking screenshot on windows

Press PrtScn button to take a screenshot of the entire screen: If you are using Windows, the Print Screen button (in the upper right of the keyboard) is to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Hit this button essentially copies of an image on the screen to the Clipboard. You will then need to paste the image into Word, Paint or another image editing program to view, edit or save the image. If you want only the active window, press together to capture the old keys and PrtScn.

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snipping-tool-1Use to take the Snipping Tool program and edit screenshots: If you are having difficulty locating or with the Print Screen key you use might prefer to use Snipping Tool. Snipping Tool is a program that is included free with Windows 7, how to take a screenshot windows Vista and a number of other Windows products. It allows you to take screenshots easily by New button and then select the area you want to screenshot. You can then edit the screenshot, with highlighter and pen tools. Snipping Tool is just one of many tools available to assist you in taking screenshots.
Some laptops, in particular, may not have PrtScn key. The instruction manual that came with the device should have different keyboard shortcuts to commands that can be used for taking snapshots.

Steps to Take Screenshot on Mac:

Taking screenshot on macType the command, Shift, and 3 keys together to take a screenshot of the entire screen:
If the use of Mac, together break down Command, Shift and 3 keys a screenshot of the entire screen. This screen will automatically be saved to your desktop. Press the Command, Shift and 4 keys together to take screenshots of a selected area

timed-screen-shot-macUse the grab tool to take a screenshot:
An alternative to the hot keys on your Mac is to use the hand tool. Grab is a program that is included free with the Mac. It allows you to easily take screenshots Click Capture, and then the type of the selection screen you wish to take. Grab is just one of many tools available to help you take screenshots.

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