How I Got Over Being Shy and Embraced Talking to People I Don’t Know

Once I applied to only one part, before one of my friends arrived. Instead of mingling, I hid in the bathroom to kill time and avoid talking to strangers. Embarrassing, but true. For a shy person, the experience of social interaction can be a revolt in the stomach, full of anxiety. It was for me. But with a little work, I could get it under control and feel comfortable talking with people.

Growing up, I’m a shy guy, hidden behind the mother. I learned to talk more than I grew up, but basically he was still the shy boy and afraid to talk to new people lasted until adulthood.

My friends and family probably would not describe me as shy. But for me, being shy has always been about fighting to connect with people I do not know. I fear the lack of a stranger, how they can judge me or reject me. Maybe there is nothing wrong in being shy, but when I started to notice how it affected my daily life, I wanted to put it under control.

When shyness ranges from uncomfortable problems
It was a unique and rewarding experience that awakened me and made me decide to get rid of my shyness forever. It was a gradual process. The more problems cause more I learn to overcome.

For example, in one of my first jobs, I found a small accounting problem for the company. The figures from our list of customers not added. Instead of bringing it to the attention of my boss and asking me what I do, I decided to face and understand myself. I was not afraid of work or making mistakes, I was afraid of him (he was especially crazy because he was a great boss, quiet). But I’m shy, so I’m not saying anything, and the small accounting issue became a huge problem that took days to fix. If I had spoken first, he might have been a little embarrassed. But after things got out of control, I’m mortified.

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In another job, I did not talk to anyone. I sat at my desk, I do my job, and hope that people leave me alone. And they did it, for the most part, except when an outgoing colleague accused me of being a bit snobbish. Of course, it caused me a shock: do not think it was better than the others, let me be intimidated! I asked her what made her think, and she said, “You never talk about us.” At that point, my shyness gave my colleagues a misconception of me.I did not like that.

How I gradually started my shyness
Even now my shy side sometimes slips and wreaks havoc. From time to time, I freeze when people ask me questions. I force myself to say, but I am so intimidated that sometimes he gives stupid answers. I go to the parties, and it scares me to talk to new people, because I’m not sure how to hold a conversation. The good news is that practicing some skills, these gels are happening more and more. Here are some ways and tips that have helped the most.

Being shy does not have to be who I am

I’m an introvert to heart, but that does not mean you have to be scared. Both are very different, and realize that shyness is a habit that can be broken was a first step in understanding that can develop social skills. I could not be party life, but with a little effort, then initiate and maintain conversations and learn to speak for myself. I used to have a bad habit of breaking my fingers. That was not what I was; It was something I was doing. If I could break this habit, you could probably break my shyness.

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