How to Quickly Convert Standard Time to Military Time

The standard 12-hour clock is ideal for most of us, but the 24-hour clock (also known as military time) is more common all over the world. The art of Virility shows the simple conversion method.

As you probably know, military time is essentially the same as civilian time for hours between 1 am and noon, except that it adds a “0” sometimes before 10 am. If you want to become between military and civilian, it is all about adding or subtracting 12. The Art of Manhood explains:

For a military time of 1300 or more, it is sufficient to subtract 1200 for the normal time. For example, if someone says “About me in room 202 in 1545” only subtract 1200 1545 to 15.45. Just right?
If you want to convert normal time into military time, add 1200 at any time from 13:00 to 23:00. So if you mean 18:30 in the military jargon, add 1200 to 06:30 for 1830.
Knowing how to convert between the two time systems is useful when it comes to someone from abroad, or if you just want a simple way to rattle time without adding the “h” or “h”. It is common sense once you think about it, but still useful though. Head on the art of manhood for some speeches advice for military time as well as the abbreviation of the time zone.

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