Use this military secret trick to tell if someone is lying

Forget what you’ve seen in movies.
“In film and television, which always talking about the eyes.” If the guy looks at the top right or top left, they lie. “That may be true for some people, but we must remember is there are people who do that simply because they are afraid or nervous, not because they are lying. You have to find the baseline of each individual of the b truth.”
Get social.
. “Making quick search before the conversation and learn some truths about this person go to their social media pages and find things easy, you know you are not going to lie about: holidays, celebrations – easy things like that. then look for other things that might make them uncomfortable to speak “.

Start with the fun part.
“Look at his body language so they can answer simple questions that you know the truth about. ‘Do something fun this summer? If they respond positively holidays and seem nervous, they know now that they are simply nervous and nervousness does not mean that they are lying. Look where your eyes go, note that if the throat is cleaned before speaking, lean backward or forward? ”

Slowly turn the heat.
“Then move on to the issues that you think might lie about, you know the answer. This may be information you read about your business online. If so, see and hear this that changed in tone or gestures. ”

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Now, go ahead.
“At this point, you should have a good basis for their models of language and speech of the body when they tell the truth. You can now enter questions you do not know the answer. Using what you now know in your behavior, you have a better opportunity to determine whether they are lying or not. ”
Having a three way.
“If you think someone is lying, they ask the same question three different ways, you might think it is to catch the differences in their response, but what say you look otherwise :. Is there an aspect of your writing response ? they use the same phrasing being cautious and again? politicians are incredible about it. that allows them to answer the question without revealing everything they want do not know. ” If it feels like a loan and scripted response, which is a sign that they are lying, whether or not telling you the whole story.

Check your speed.
“Take note of how quickly you answer a question. Do they respond without thinking much immediately? Think of a teenager standing in front of their parents. If parents make him a question and the child starts immediately respond without thinking, He was prepared. I had a ready to go for you, mom and dad “story.

Having a second pair of eyes and ears.
“Whenever possible, another observer in the room. Ask someone pretending to be a wizard sitting on the side of working on a laptop, or a person who claims to be an IT person. The interview will be subject you quickly forget who are in the room. gives another pair of eyes that pay strict attention to the gestures of that person, someone who can help you catch the changes you might have missed. While looking at your eyes, you may not be given They realize that began to hit foot on the ground. ”

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ultimate goal
“What this allows is for you to make better decisions about partnerships. For the most part, do not want to link with liars, they also do not want to spend a great opportunity because the guy had restless eyes and It turns out he was nervous. This method can help prevent that from happening. “