How to Throw a Punch Correctly with Power

Punching the right way

How to drill correctly

Learn to hit with power and speed without the risk of breaking or damaging your hands is a skill that takes time and practice to master. This tutorial will cover several key aspects of drilling, however, critical of the drilling technique that benefit all who want to improve their combat skills.

However, note that you can not learn how to hit by simply reading an article. visual clarity to show the correct way to perform each movement is needed. In this regard, I strongly encourage you to look at our instruction DVD drilling many. You will also find almost everything you need to know about the good of my DVD drilling technique, armed to the teeth: mastering Weapons upper body.

It should not be a big blow really tough guy!

Let me start by saying, learn to effectively drill is not based on size or strength. It is true that your body weight can greatly increase the power of your intention, but it is not the only determining factor. For example, take a look at the late Bruce Lee, who weighed about 130 pounds, but he hit harder than a professional boxer. Lee was able to do because of two important factors. First, he mastered the technique of core drilling. In other words, I knew the right way to throw a punch. Secondly, Mr. Lee has exploited the laws of kinetic energy depending on the speed of movement instead of body weight to generate hitting power.

The laws of physics do not lie: Remember mass x speed!

rare explosive power of Bruce Lee can actually be validated by understanding the fundamentals of kinetic energy. Essentially, (m) times the mass (v) the speed is equal to the impact power. If the mass of the object is duplicated (for example, body weight) and let the (drilling rate) constant speed twice the impact energy. But if the mass of the object (eg, body weight) and speed (punch) Constant double left quadrupling its attack power. View my combat training series DVD Speed to learn more about how to improve your typing speed.

What are the basics of learning how to hit?

What are the basics of drilling? And what is the correct way to throw a punch? However, to some extent, the answer is relative. This means that depend largely on the specific mechanisms of body shot or the person is trying to accomplish. For example, body mechanics to punch a boxer will be very different from that of a rear hook punch. However, there are some fundamental concepts and important principles to be used for any blow to the actual work or be effective.

Avoiding injuries is as important as the fight against Good

By the way, when I say effective drilling, I mean to take a shot that creates the maximum damage to the enemy without injury. Do not forget that self-defense as ways to prevent injuries during an altercation. Get secure information to drill properly and go hand in hand with the other. No pun intended!

Ironically, efficient drilling technique is one of the most important things you can take any kind of self-defense or martial arts, but unfortunately, this subject is rarely discussed by the instructors. Perhaps they overlook their importance or simply do not know what is involved in teaching the student how to drill from an analytical point of view.

The fist fighting is too risky in a street fight?

Believe it or not, there are self-defense instructors who do not even bother to teach their students how to hit. They claim that drilling is too risky for the student because of punches can often cause hand injuries or severe wrist. For the uninitiated this may seem logical observation, care, but actually it is a big mistake that can drastically slow its ability to effectively protect yourself or a loved one with difficulty be.

Open hand strikes alone will not win a fight!

In a real self-defense situation, you should be able to beat his opponent, diversification of angles and ranges combat soil. The only way to achieve this essential requirement is to include punches that can shower the opponent with punches from all angles. There is a good reason why mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and boxers depend on the skills and techniques of highly drilling. When executed properly, drilling techniques are very effective and powerful way to fight.

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So what is the conclusion? If you want to learn to fight and win in combat sports and reality based self-defense, you must understand and master the science of drilling! Moreover, the adversary of the bag body is also an excellent tool to learn safely to throw punches without hurting your hands shape. Once you feel comfortable with the adversary of the bag body, then you can pass the heavy bag training.

Do you know how injury-free seal?

Learning to drill without suffering a hand injury forces understand and eventually master some concepts and principles of body mechanics. Note that you do not have to be an expert in martial arts to master these basic principles arts. Essentially, there are four main causes of injuries drilling hands are tied. They are weak structural integrity of fists, misalignment of skeletal hands, wrists and forearms and giving the wrong anatomical target. Although there are different mechanisms of the body for each stroke, there are four things that must be done in order to avoid a hand injury. These include the following:

How to make a proper fist.

Strong hands, wrists and forearms.
Maintaining skeletal alignment, when the fist is in contact with its target.
Give the correct anatomical target and avoid contact with surfaces of extremely hard bone.
Learn how to make a proper fist is the first big step

Okay, so the first thing to do is learn the proper way IT creates a strong fist. Indeed, it is ironic how some of the most experienced fighters and street fighters do not know how to make a proper fist. As you can imagine, a poor fist tightening can be disastrous for some of the following reasons:

You can lock, sprain or break your fingers.

It can destroy the alignment of the wrist, causing a sprained wrist or broken.
You will lose a significant impact power when it comes to hitting the target.
To make a good fist, make sure your fingers are tight and that the thumb is wrapped around the second and third phalanges. You should seek the fist as a flat solid brick. Remember to keep in mind, if you can not make a good fist, you will not be able to deliver a blow!

One of the biggest mistakes that beginners to learn how to make a fist allow their thumbs to protrude outwards. This type of situation is dangerous and often can lead to many injuries in the hand and fingers, as well as shots powerless. Please remember to always keep your thumbs firmly wrapped around two fingers into fists.

His arms and hands training devastating power

The correct placement of the configuration of fingers and fist is important, but that is really only half the equation. You must have strong hands, wrists and forearms to resist the force of punching power. therefore, you need to do specific exercises to strengthen hand and forearm. Bruce Lee was aware of this fact. In fact, it would be religiously strengthening and development of their hands and forearms. The next time you look through a book Jeet Kune Do, watching a photo forearms Lee and see its enormous flexor and extensor muscles and well conditioned. He knew that powerful and free perforation injury depends largely on the strength and structural integrity of the hands, wrists and forearms.

There are many effective ways to strengthen their hands, wrists and forearms for punching rigors ways. If you are low on cash and beginner, you can start squeezing a tennis ball a couple of times a week. One hundred repetitions per side would be a good start. Later, you can add power to your routine to strengthen putty. This unique hand exerciser is a silicone rubber compound that can be squeezed, pulled, pinched and claws extended in almost every conceivable direction. This hard resistant sealant will strengthen the muscles of the forearm, wrists, hands and fingers.

Another quick and effective way to strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms is to work with pliers heavy hand. Although there is a wide selection of them in the market, I personally prefer the captains of the Crush brand. These high quality clips are virtually indestructible and come in eleven different resistance levels ranging from 60-365 pounds.

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Finally, you can also condition the wrists and forearms by performing various exercises with free weights forearm. If you want to know more, you can see my program The war machine. While I’m on the subject of strengthening the hand, if you are using a firearm to defend themselves, then you should also consider adding an exercise program to your routine.

Weapons training will help you in the long run!

Did you know that the training and work with weapons also improve your ability to hit correctly. Paste the combat practice, for example, you can make a big difference in your training progress. Grabbing a stick cane (also called a kali stick) stick and perform exercises such hubud, shaded, shaded punyo six heavens and the condition is that you like and strengthen the arms, forearms, wrists and hands. More importantly, the structural integrity of the cuffs will improve and this means that you can deliver a blow without risking structural failure of hand. This may seem trivial to the illiterate, but remember that the fist is the load-bearing element of any blow. If it is weak or fragile, you’ll be in big trouble.

Learning to drill means keep your wrists and forearms straight

Now that you know how to make a good fist, punch the next step in learning it is to maintain alignment of the skeleton when the fist is in contact with the selected target. skeletal alignment will help ensure that both hands and wrists buckle and break on impact. First let me tell you to hit without breaking your hand.

You should always contact the center knuckle When Blows Start

To do this, you must learn to hit with its first center knuckle. Drilling with the center of your rocket is important because it allows proper alignment of the skeleton and maximize the impact of your shot. Excluding fist hammering every imaginable stroke (ie, strokes, crosses back, hooks, upper cuts, hooks the body, etc.) can be removed with a central contact joint.

contact center set also prevents a broken hand or “boxer’s fracture” to occur. In essence, a boxer’s fracture occurs when the small metacarpal bone bends down and toward the palm of the hand in a crash with an extremely hard surface (like a brick wall or human skull).

Contrary to the teaching of karate, I suggest you not to hit his opponent with his first two knuckles. This style of karate common drilling spreads the weight transfer of the punch that can easily lead to a broken hand.

Moreover, the double end bag is an excellent piece of training equipment to teach hitting his rocket center. Our training DVD double end bag would be a good place to start your workout.

How Puncture without hurting or break your hands

Now is the time to learn to hit without breaking your wrists. The simple rule of thumb is to always keep your wrists aligned with forearms during the execution of his stroke. This applies both to linear punches (jab, straight lines lead, transverse rear), and circular punches (hooks, uppercuts and hooks shovel). If your wrist is bent or impact is reduced, whether you sprain or break. It’s so simple. Remember, a sprained wrist or broken immediately put out of action in a fight.

One of the best ways to learn how to throw a punch without bending your wrists is regular training on the heavy bag. The bag or punching bag provide the necessary amount of resistance to strengthen and condition the bones, tendons and ligaments of the wrist gradually. It should start slowly and gradually increase the force of his blows.

Drilling accuracy is critical in a real fight situation

The final component of punch learning is to avoid hitting the hard surfaces of the body, especially the head of the opponent. You will need to have the ability to target orientation. the orientation of the target means having a working knowledge of the different anatomical targets presented in a fight. Remember, how to beat your opponent is as important as knowing exactly where to strike.

Believe it or not, but many injuries in the hands of vigilantes are the result of the elimination skull opponent! The human skull is extremely hard and durable. It compares with a helmet of armor that protects the human brain impact. I personally know several fighters who have broken their hands when hands tied with the front or head of an opponent. Therefore, learn to punch you want to avoid contact with the head of his opponent (frontal bone). The only viable targets sticking to the nose, chin, temple and jaw opponent. Pressure points to see my DVD if you want to know more about how to achieve vital goals head in a street fight.

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Also learn to punch means you have to study and observe every punch in his arsenal and make ceratin that can withstand the rigors of punching power. You can with the right quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each shot in his arsenal battle analytical observation. The best way to do this is to test systematically each punch on a solid object like a heavy bag.

The crucial importance of training heavy bag

For example, consider the most famous man punch base – the rear cross member. For those who may not be aware, the rear cross is one of the most powerful punches in the arsenal of a fighter. This knockout punch moves in a straight path in the face of his attacker is, chin or solar plexus.

Start by standing about four to five feet away from the bag. Then take a fighting stance with the left leg forward and his body placed at an angle of about forty-five degrees from the punching bag. Make sure your hands are properly tightened into fists and head and chin tilted slightly downward.

To deliver the punch, exhale and turn quickly and throw your arms back and forth and shoulder punching bag. Make sure to bend your leg back, hip and shoulder forward and extend the right arm back. Do not lock your arms back throwing the punch, to be sure that there is a slight elbow flexion. His punch force should proceed with the heavy bag, then return to starting position.

The technique is always aware of the way and

Note that the rotation of appropriate size and weight appropriate transfer is of considerable importance to the rear cross punch. You must change your weight from foot back to his front leg as you throw the punch. To maximize the impact of the punch, make sure your fist is positioned horizontally when in contact with the bag. Remember, the goal is the touch of the central hinge! Also prevent the spread of punch or exposing her chin to delivery.

It is important to make some critical remarks When training

After delivering the punch the heavy bag, make the following important observations:

What was the general feeling of the punch when he handed? Do you feel stiff and forced, or was loose and flowing?
What happened when his blow connected with the bag? Is the hook pierce or break the punching bag? Or is it simply push?
nothing felt tense and injuring his fist when initially connected with the bag?
the coup was necessary? I did hit the bag exactly where you intended?
Have you thought about to expire or to hold your breath when you threw the punch?
What happened to the structural integrity of your fist when placed in contact with the punching bag? How fists open? Does your thumb on the road? It is the inner loop of the wrist?
What makes the connection first contact with the punching bag?
the blow that had knockout power?
Get used to yourself Video Taping When training

You can also consider that the video recording so you can quickly identify errors and errors in the form of drilling. Or maybe you can have your training partner see your drilling technique and give feedback.

If you find the sandbag to be a bit intimidating to work, you can always start with gloves or mittens focus drilling to test your punching form. Unlike boxing bag gloves punching are more tolerant wrists and hands and let you gradually build your power drill as their form improved. The only disadvantage of working with gloves piercing is a training partner is required to keep for you. The good news is, once you have learned to drill mittens, then you can move on to the heavy bag where you can try delivering his blows hard.