How to train for a marathon for beginners schedule ?

How to train for a marathon in 3 months or less

Filling a marathon is on the list of cubes for many people. If you are not a runner, chances are you have no idea how to go about this gigantic task.

Running a marathon is very doable. I will teach you how to train for a marathon so that you can do it in just three months.

A marathon is 26.2 miles and, depending on the race, runners can expect to finish between two and six hours.

There are a few things to consider.

Running 26.2 miles is a long way. It is very demanding on muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, cardiovascular health, and it is so demanding on your mental strength.

At any given time, 50% of all riders are injured. Tibial periostitis have, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and fussy unexplained. Ask your doctor for a medical examination before participating in any intense physical activity. If you experience pain other than general fatigue, you should see a professional immediately for a quick fix – better lose a day of training, while the injury is easily repairable than losing a month of workout because he thought He was going far.

One more warning:

The race is addictive. Once you have completed your marathon, you will not be the same person you were when you started to train. You will be stronger in your body and mind. You know that the sense of freedom only for runners. You greet others in your neighborhood with this smile known to all runners. And you will become a better person.

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If you have the courage to commit to a marathon, you should start by familiarizing yourself with the terminology running.

Long Distance Steady (or LSD) – This is the most important part of the week. You will go at a reasonable constant pace for a longer distance than its other operations. This race increases its resistance. Tip for Beginners: Include regular breaks to walk.

Tempo – This race is the average distance run in the week and is a little faster than its LSD. This race will improve your lactate threshold, which is the burn you get in your legs by pushing. Tip for beginners: Push up, but not go completely flat.

Fartlek – this hilarious named career is Swedish for speed play. In this execution, it alternates between fast and slow execution. Over time, this will help you increase the speed of all other breeds. Tip for Beginners: Toggles between running as fast as you can and walking. Use street lights or corners to decide when walking or running.

Easy – Just as it sounds, this route is shorter, slower and more relaxed than others. Its goal is to keep the spinning legs to add a few extra miles on your week without putting more emphasis on your muscles and bones. Beginner Tip: Run this always slower than their natural step operation. If your pace is too slow, take a walk.

Rest – Rest is the most neglected part of the training. The rest is to do nothing, sleep, eat, hydrate, get a massage and relax after grueling weeks earlier. Rest is when the muscles and bones are strengthened, regenerates your immune system and your body is preparing for its next session. Do not skip this!

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These terms are really all you need to know to complete a marathon. Once you have chosen your career, you can start training.

Each test should be done once a week. Every 4 weeks you take a recovery week where you only have easy trails.

Most people do their LSD weekend when they have more time. Simply choose the best day of the week and stick to it. Easy to use better adjust the day before or the day after its LSD. Your Tempo and Fartlek integrate another day that works best for you.
Now you need to build your plan in this case three months (or 13 weeks), until that day of the race. It is best to plan everything now, rather than every week.

– Fill your first LSD racing distances. These accumulate gradually over time.

– Build in their recovery weeks of about every 4 weeks.

– Add to your easy works.

– Add to your Tempo and Fartlek tracks.

– 7-10 days before the marathon, you will need to reduce your workout.


– If you have already been running for a while, you can skip the first 4 weeks of this plan and remove it before!

– Many brokers have GPS watches. They are great to help you track your distance and pace. If you do not want a watch specialist, there are many applications available for download on your smartphone.

– Depending on how long you take the marathon, you may need to learn to eat food during the trip. Glucose glucose are the most practical source of energy. You can also experiment with energy bars or by adding honey to your drink.

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– Bring a bottle of drink for more than a few miles is very boring. There are many sized bags, available hands-free bottles and hydration bags so it is not necessary to bring a bottle.

– For your first marathon, time does not matter. The important thing is that you have had enough training to complete. If you are feeling garbage in the day, or the weather is crazy, that is fine. Take it easy, chat with other runners, and soak up the atmosphere.