How to transfer music from iPod to computer with iTunes

Transferring Songs From iPod to PC

A reader points out a simple way for Windows users to transfer music from an iPod to your hard disk without additional software:

Connect your iPod to your PC. If iTunes starts syncing (ie erasing) your music automatically, hit the X in the upper right corner of the iTunes screen to the left of the search box, to stop it.
In Control Panel, portable multimedia devices, double-click the iPod.
On the Tools menu -> Options, click the View tab, check “Show hidden files and folders”.
Navigate to the music folder. My second gene of the sheath “is the full path
The Media \ IPOD GINA (F 🙂 \ iPod_Control \ portable devices Music
Select all the music files, and drag and drop a folder on your hard drive, or directly into iTunes.
And you are ready! IPod music file structure is strange and inexplicable, but once you move the files in iTunes can be configured to automatically organize your file by artist and album to clean it. (To do this, iTunes Edit menu, choose Preferences and click the Advanced tab, check the “Keep iTunes Music folder organized”).

If you give it a go, let me know how it goes. I’ll edit the instructions that any additional information for other versions of Windows and iPods. Thank you, Shelby!

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