How to unlock a car door without a key ?

Break Into Your Car Safely with a Door Stop and Metal Rod

If you own a car for some time, you probably have locked the keys inside. You can pay to have a professional break in your car for you, or you can simply learn to do it yourself to save time and money.

Note: This is obvious, but do not use this knowledge to enter another person’s vehicle. It is illegal and not particularly enjoyable. Use this option to open your car when the keys are locked inside.

According to assertivecrystalgg45 YouTubero, all you need is a wooden door stop / wedge and a long metal bar. To enter, the corner is inserted into the top of the driver’s side door until a small opening is made. You can then glue the long metal bar into the opening and use it to push the release button on the car. This works much better with electronic locks, but it can be done with regular locks as well. If you have a normal lock, you may also be able to use a corrugated plastic strap to lift it into the unlocked position. What method works best will depend on the type of locks you have, so before you leave and get your computer make sure you get the good stuff.

Personally, I was able to get into the car using a small spatula rather than a corner. A corner would have been more effective as a spatula is flat, but thanks to the old days of piracy Mac mini, that’s what was going to stay in the enclosure. Presumably a corner will work better because it can create a wider opening. This is not going to be a problem when it comes to getting the tree by the door, but it should make it much easier to navigate the long way to your little release button. If you have something crooked (or something sticky) to put at the end of the stem, it can also make things easier to push the physical and / or small buttons.

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Generally, this seems to be a very effective method to drive in your own car when you have these tools at hand. Despite what it may seem, it is quite easy to do so without damaging your vehicle. If you can just lock your keys in the car when you’re at home (or near a hardware store), you’ll be in good shape!