How to use chopsticks: It will only take a few minutes

The next time you go to an Asian restaurant that will not be the only one not eating with a wand or worse, trying to push someone’s eye out with her. You will be able to use chopsticks, as they are an extension of your arm.

Chopsticks were invented nearly 5,000 years ago in China and back in the day, were made of twigs and is mainly used for cooking, as they were perfect to get hot oil or water. It is believed that were used in the table around 400 BC. But the rise in popularity of chopsticks covering can be attributed to two main factors: the population as a whole the rise of China and the Chinese were cooking food that has been cut into small pieces that made almost redundant knives. Apparently, when resources are scarce around 400 BC including leaders could save fuel if you cut food into small pieces and cooked. This excludes the use of knives on the table, a practice that does not fall in line with the non-violent teachings of Confucius, who said. “The honorable man and right away from both the slaughterhouse and the kitchen and he does not allow knives on table “.

According to an article in the Smithsonian, rods went to Japan, Vietnam and Korea around 500 AD. In the early days in Japan, chopsticks were made from a piece of bamboo and joined at the top and a pair of pliers and used only for religious ceremonies.

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Palos also had a long-term relationship with superstition in many Asian countries: During the dynastic rule in China, people eat with chopsticks silver, because they believed that if the food was poisoned Wands becomes black. Bamboo sticks used for certain occasions, but was due to ingredients such as garlic, onions and rotten eggs, all hydrogen sulfide reacts with silver release. In some parts of Malaysia, people believe that if the sticks were of unequal length, which is more likely to miss boat or plane. One of the strangest superstitions was a Korean who says that the closer to the top having a pair of chopsticks, the more they will remain single.

There was a time when the kind of sticks used was also a matter of cultural significance. The sticks had a frank instead of a sharp point. The disposable bamboo or wooden sticks together were first created in Japan in 1878. The rods used men who were 8 inches long, while women were using sticks that were 7 inches long. rich diners use chopsticks ivory, coral and brass, while the cream of the cream of society those used in money.

Food labels and use chopsticks

If you want to learn how to use chopsticks in minutes, follow these instructions to the T. They may seem difficult at first, but like driving, when you start, you can run easily.

Research suggests that more than 100 nerves and muscles of your body must work so you can use chopsticks. Research also shows that people who regularly use toothpicks less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and, in fact, have a stronger memory than the rest. While reflecting on all this, read some DOs and DON’Ts Japanese on how to use chopsticks.
1. When not eating, chopsticks should be placed horizontally to the left of your plate and not on your dinner plate.

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2. Do not lick sticks until the rest of the food or boredom.

3. When you are finished with your meal instead of chopsticks across your plate or bowl.

4. Do not direct people with sticks and do not use it as a toy. And please, do not shake with them.

5. Do not hold chopsticks with five fingers while holding a cane.

6. Do not use chopsticks to stir the soup and tickling your meal with him either.