Tutorials for using Evernote

Digital pad may apply the most famous notes Evernote ever made. It is almost synonymous with digital notes. Yet, being a portable application does not even begin to explain its popularity.

If it was just an application where you can write notes, the most organized among us could use to write the details of his life and his works, but that would be it. The rest of us remain unorganized notes and still not taken disorganized. The magic is that Evernote is an application that allows you to add any notes written in the documents scanned photos from a restaurant menu in a disorganized mess, and you can still make sense of madness and allow you to find anything that ever you added in seconds. It does everything from one of the devices, without charge, so that never really forget anything.

That’s the power of Evernote.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you the basics of how to use Evernote Web Clipper and submit to its wonders, and will help you master the search functions that allow you to find anything in your Evernote, regardless Unorganized what they are.

Evernote Explanation

Evernote is, as mentioned earlier, a notes application designed to help you stay organized that goes well beyond what could normally think like a laptop. You can add text, images, audio, scanned documents, files, and more to your laptop while synchronize across all their devices in beautiful Evernote applications, free and quickly find anything to powerful search you can recognize text in files and images.

Many users refer to Evernote as their “external brain” to store anything and everything in one place for easy retrieval. You can add anything you want to Evernote from any device and be sure that you will be able to find it in seconds from anywhere. If you are a parent who stays at home or a high-flying businessman, Evernote will free your mind to remember the big things and small so you do not have to. It is the application for everyone who ever asked: “where did I put that?”. You should never ask the question again if you save everything in Evernote.

Guided tour

First, let’s take a brief tour of the interface Evernote. It’s a little different on each platform but generally works the same everywhere. The basics are still the same: you can add notes and find all you have saved if you use Evernote on your Mac, PC, a Web browser on the Evernote Web application, or mobile apps for iOS, Android , Windows Phone, and more.

So you must first download Evernote for your device, and create a free account. As mentioned, Evernote is a free service also has a Premium Option payment account that allows you to load more data each month and adds some extra features, but for now, will not have to worry about that.

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Welcome to Evernote!

Once you are registered, you will be presented with the main screen Evernote. You can then access all the features Evernote has to offer and set shortcuts to your most commonly used notes, notebooks, and tags.

When you click New Note will allow you to write a note, create a list of things to do, take a picture, audio recording, storing documents in Evernote and more. Let’s say I’m writing an article about Apple, for example. Before putting pen to paper, my first port of call is to research the company and record information about my article. To do this, I’ll start a new note, and the type of information I discovered about Apple online. So far, so simple.

With Evernote, I was able to record every piece of information collection and put a note accordingly. Tag a note is a simple way to sort notes by subject, so you can easily find all the notes related to a simple search. Now, of course, Evernote will search the text of the note, and more, so you need not add tags, but are a great way to quickly begin to be a little more organized. My research for Apple, may I add a “business” tab at the top of my notes so that you can easily find all my research on companies in one place.

A note in Evernote

Then, for another organization, you can also save your notes in specific notebooks. Notebooks maintain a set of notes together as a portable physical computer where labels are markers similar issues through different laptops. You should not use laptops or if you do not want, such as Evernote has just saved all new notes in the default inbox and can still easily find any search. But if you keep getting more organized, which could also present their notes, too.

Therefore, we will begin to organize our notes in notebooks. I’ll put all my Apple related research is entitled to an Apple notebook. This book, along with several others, is deposited in a matrix of specifications called work and collectively, are referred to collectively as a stack of them imagined as a moleskins paper stack on the tray are all about questions go hand in hand. You can make as notebooks and batteries as you want and arrange them how it feels right for you. That’s the beauty of Evernote: having lots of flexible organization tools to help keep track of your thoughts in the way that works best for you.

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Tip: You can share a notebook with other users by right-clicking on the laptop that you want to share and click Share Notebook. Click Share public link to publicly share your laptop or share with people to share only with customers.

Laptops and stacks note in Evernote

Evernote is also accessible via a mobile device, which works in a similar office Evernote way, but with a much more attractive interface. Evernote for iOS, for example, has a quick note panel, allowing you to scribble an idea in record time and then synchronize with your computer at home or at work. You can also access it from a browser with the Web application mentioned above, although it seems a much less attractive interface.

The important part, though, is that all applications have the same features and allow you to add and find notes with the same simplicity. Evernote is on hand wherever it is much more convenient than scribbling down information or idea on a piece of paper that could be there, especially if the content is of a sensitive nature.

The Evernote Web Clipper

I do not know, but I regularly bump into online content that is not quite worthy but useful options anyway. Just paste the link, however, it does not help to remember what was so helpful on this site. This is what the Evernote Web Clipper is. It will allow you to cut a part of any Evernote website for future use, instead of recording images and text of articles various passages several document files on your computer so disorganized.

Optimized for Safari, Chrome, and Opera, Evernote Web Clipper can shorten interesting articles, PDF documents and important emails and bookmarks and a screenshot of any Web page you want. You can save the entire page, or just the part of the site is important to you. Just select an option from the Clipper, then add labels or additional notes for cutting and choose a laptop for the record, then click Save to send to Evernote.

Web pages can also be saved by using a set of markup tools included in the Clipper. Then you can save the marked pages or share them via email or social media. Best of all, every Web page you clothes or annotations can be labeled and organized in the same way as all other Evernote notes. The next time you open the Evernote application, you will see everything you have saved from the Internet, right there, ready to read and navigate without having to find live.

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It is an impressive additional tool in the Web Clipper: the integration of Google search. Open the Evernote Web Clipper settings in your browser, and you’ll find an option to enable the search for Evernote on your Google search. Turn it on, and the next time you search for something online, Evernote also search through your notes and clipped sites for the results already achieved. This will likely help you find the best information you have already registered in a single click, instead of having to repeat the search on the Internet again.

Search Secrets

As I mentioned earlier, Evernote’s powerful search capabilities to help find exactly what you want. In addition, Evernote can recognize and search for text in an image, which is particularly useful when shooting regularly and goods receipts or other documents containing text and you want to locate quickly and efficiently.

You can type the text you want to search, and Evernote will do a good job of finding what you want. However, to optimize your search and find the exact notes specifically you need every time, here are some Evernote search tips to turn you into a professional Evernote:

Notebooks: Notebook Enter: \ [name laptop] to search the notes stored in a specific laptop. For example, the laptop: Apple show all research related to my article mentioned above about Apple.
Tags: Enter the label: \ [tag] to search for notes marked with a specific keyword. For example, the label: history will show all the notes you’ve created that made history. Entering -tag: \ [tag], however, it will search for any unmarked rating with that particular label.
Dates and times: If you want to find every note created in the last day, type created: day-1 in the search area. Alternatively, the type of creation: 30 to view all notes created during the last 30 days or created: \ [YYYYMMDD] to see the notes created in a day of their choice. For example, set: 20140210 show each note created February 10, 2014.
Files and more: Finally, enter the resource: image / \ * to see all notes containing an image or resource: audio / \ * for audio.


In this tutorial, I demonstrated how to use Evernote, dominate the search function and presented to the Evernote Web Clipper. As seen, Evernote is an extremely versatile application and I have barely scratched the surface of what is capable of. With this tutorial, however, you have everything you need to start working with Evernote. Start saving whatever you find in Evernote, and you never have to worry about forgetting things.