Using Photoshop for Anything

Want to learn how everything works in Photoshop? Let us help you make your best photos, draw vector graphics, and design of a website.

Learn the basics of Photoshop in less than 25 minutes

To start using Photoshop, you must know what he does. Here’s a look at almost all the tools in Photoshop in less than 25 minutes.

Photoshop Basics: color correction, retouching and enhancements

Now that you know the tools Photoshop has to offer, we can take a look at its use to correct and change the color, retouch blemishes and other unwanted parts of your photos and enhance portraits make the particularly good look object.

Photoshop Basics: Basic Drawing with the Pen tool

Photoshop is not just for photos. In this lesson, we’ll take a look at the ability of Photoshop to create vector graphics with the pencil tool and draw my friend Christine.

Photoshop Basics: Designing a website

In our last lesson we will see how to use Photoshop to place and make fun of a page design, homepage Lifehacker zero.

Photoshop Basics: Next steps and other resources

If you get to this point it means that you have learned the basics of Photoshop, but now what? Before closing, let’s take a look at the next steps in the promotion of Photoshop education and resources to help you along the way.

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