How to use spotify on iOS and Android ?

Learning to use Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there, but most of us are not used to its full potential. These little known tips can help you use Spotify more efficiently and transform it into a master of digital music.

Get your organized playlists
It is likely that playlists are listed one after another. It’s fine, but ultimately their playlists seem to last forever, and it gets a little messy. MakeUseOf explains how you can organize group folders creating playlists:

In the Spotify desktop program, go to File> New Playlist Folder or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new group. These allow you to put a number of playlists in a single group; greatly reducing the noise in a single step.
You can organize your playlists folders for all your offline playlists are in one place. This way, you do not have to worry about your music streaming songs when you’re looking to get stuck on your phone. If you want to go even further with the organization of your playlist, you can also create dividers lists. Create a new playlist and simply say to “-” and create a divider that can move independent playlists groups for you.

Use the “Your music” and go to Mobile
With the latest update to Spotify, the tab “Your music” now gives you a place where all your music, you can see and play in one place.

To add songs to your music on your computer, find the song you want to add and click Next to him “+” sign. The plus sign will be changed to a check mark and the song will be added to your library. You can also add entire albums to your music. The best way to do this is by visiting overview of the artist’s profile. Scroll to the “Albums”, then go to the sight of tiles with the button on the right side. Then move your mouse over an album and click the plus sign to add friendly whole enchilada.

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Even if you have a lot of playlists, songs in them still need to be added to your music. Spotify not automatically added. There is no quick solution to this moment, so to add music from your playlists from your music, you should go through them and click the plus sign to each track. This also applies to your starry songs, as they wiped out featuring songs.

Dmachiavello commenter told us that you can add all the songs in a much faster playlist by selecting all the songs (in Windows is Ctrl + A) in the playlist and drag the songs in your music section.

Now that your playlists are organized and added songs and albums you want your music, it’s time to take everything mobile. You can sync playlists for offline use before, but now you can sync your music for offline use in a touch. In the application for mobile devices, go to the “Notes” tab and press “Make available offline”. Now you can listen to your entire library without consuming all your data.
Spotify can now sync your music listening offline one touch

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Taking applications Spotify
Spotify has its own applications, you can download and use to improve your musical exploration. We discussed a few ways they can be really useful. On the left side of your Spotify window you will see the “Application Finder”. These applications can do anything to find a music festival with their favorite artists, traveling the world with music, and even get the words of the songs you listen to.
Why Spotify apps are actually useful

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If you feel angry and want a little angry, your playlist 80s pop is not ideal. Applications like Moodagent allow you to choose the atmosphere in which it is located and pastor of a playlist that goes with perfection. Also learn from the music you listen to and adjusts its healing according to your specifications: sensuality, tenderness, happiness and anger. If you feel like singing, TuneWiki bring words of the song you are listening synchronized. The application moves automatically while playing songs and bold letters today so you can bring home the karaoke bar and save embarrassment.

Spotify applications make your desktop client more than just a music player, then go to the Finder application and start looking for things that will improve the music for you.

Find music effectively
As with a Google search, you can use search modifiers to help you find exactly what you are looking for in Spotify. Go to the search bar and just write David Bowie will bring a lot of things. You will see artists, albums, playlists, profiles and a long list of songs and spoken word tracks that may or may not have something to do with the Thin White Duke. Say you are only interested in finding the tunnel of David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust phase in the years 1971 to 1973. In this case, to use switches to reduce things, and want to write artist: David Bowie: 1971 -1973 .

Modifiers facilitate the search for artists, songs, albums, release dates and date ranges, gender, disc labels, and you can even use Boolean operators such as “AND”, “OR” and ” NO”. For a complete guide on using the search engine Spotify modifiers, see the final engine in Music Search Engine Watch.

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Share (or not share) your music
Spotify is ideal to find new music, but it’s even better to share music with others. You can publish your playlists and let your friends see what you’ve heard lately, but the share can go much further. You can bind the individual tracks, profiles, playlists, artists, albums and you can even link specific searches you’ve done. You can even add “#timestamp” at the end of any URL Spotify song and start playing at any time you choose, as you can with YouTube videos. For example, copy this link into your address bar (the Spotify URI links do not work in Kinja): spotify: track: 0F0MA0ns8oXwGw66B2BSXm # 0: 41. Let the dance!

You can also stay completely invisible on Spotify if you prefer not to go into the social aspect. To avoid contact with other users, click “Edit” at the top of your customer’s desktop and select “Preferences …” Once you’re there, the first top section is “Profile.” Uncheck any and all playlists that you will be invisible, and the songs and artists you have played. Other ways to keep the darkness are obvious: do not add friends and do not connect your Facebook account.

If you are a social being, but only wants to keep a list of guilty pleasures hidden by friends, you can. Right-click the playlist and select “Make Secret”. This cache contents far from any friend, partner or follower. Just be sure to choose this option before adding the embarrassing melodies. If someone was a collaborator or already lent his playlist, do nothing to secrecy new to add to appear in the version of the playlist.