A quick guide to using Tumblr for business

Although you can already feel overwhelmed by the growing number of social media sites, blogging platform Tumblr without microwave can be a powerful tool for raising awareness about your brand. Founded in 2007 by David Karp, Tumblr serves both as a blog and social network that is useful to publish and share images, video, audio or short writing pieces.

In this sense, Tumblr is like Facebook – but with some advantages. For example, Tumblr blogs are directly accessible via the Internet, while the Facebook content is available only to members. This means that the content Tumblr indexed by search engines and can increase the visibility of your research.

Tumblr also offers many unique free blogs and payment, and is one of the publishing platforms most phones. If you use both Tumblr and Facebook for your business, you can integrate Tumblr posts on your Facebook timeline.

Tumblr says it receives about 65 million blogs, which won nearly 17 million page views per month. In terms of engagement, Tumblr is only surpassed by Facebook regarding the average amount of time users spend on the site.

Therefore, it is Tumblr is a good match for your business? According to the Web analytics service comScore, 50 percent of Tumblr users are 25 or younger. So if your company is dedicated to the youth market, which should be worth a try. But even if youth are not its main market, the benefits of research Tumblr visibility, mobile friendly, and its popularity is due to a value of at least one experience.

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Here is an overview of what you need to know to start using Tumblr for your business:

Get your feet wet.
If you are used to conventional tools such as WordPress blogs, Tumblr may feel limited at first, especially if you try to publish longer articles. It also has its own idiosyncrasies of “like” and share content.

We’ll create your first blog to set up your account Tumblr. This will become your default blog, and is difficult to remove. So be careful in its creation, and to choose a name that is based on their personal, business relationship or brand.

There are a number of online resources for preparing some of the details on the use and navigation on your Tumblr blog. A site called Unnecessary ligatures recently published a useful starting kit. Tumblr also offers a handy reference with user tips.

Follow, “like” and often reblog.
In all the means of social communication, listening and curating are key to the participation of their followers. You can search Tumblr for positions on topics related to you or your business, see who publishes the most important, popular or engaging in these issues, and track items.

Take a few minutes each day to “like” or reply to messages Tumblr others. They also share their messages (called “reblogging” on Tumblr), which bring in your Tumblr blog with attribution. And experiment with publishing different types of content: links to interesting things you find online, your own photos or videos, short comments or suggestions in writing, and more.

Try to reblog others’ posts – or create your own new posts – three to five articles per day, three to five days a week. That sounds great, but there can be a quick and easy movement.

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Tumblr install tools for easy editing everywhere.
On the computer, install the “bookmarklet” Tumblr in the Web browser. Then you can click on the Tumblr button in the navigation bar to quickly create a Tumblr post on a Web page you visit, without having to go to Tumblr or copy or paste anything.

In addition, the installation of mobile applications Tumblr on your smartphone or tablet. Then Tumblr will automatically be displayed as an option when you select “part” of a subject in most other applications, such as YouTube, mobile web browser or gallery.

If you use the photo sharing service Instagram popular, set it up so that you can publish photos easily cross from there to your Tumblr blog.

Use labels.
A key element that Tumblr users discover another is to attach labels to messages. . For example, an architect in Boulder, Colorado, migth want to follow the “Boulder”, “Colorado”, “architecture” and “housing construction” labels – and perhaps “green design”, “sustainable development” “energy efficiency” and other specialty products.

Pay attention to the labels used on the most popular posts Tumblr for topics that interest you. You can save these searches ( “tracking” these tags) so you can easily see the latest messages, even if you do not follow these users. If necessary, label your messages using these labels. This can make it easier for others who are already tracking these labels to find your messages. Take some time to label each Tumblr position may seem tedious, but it can help expand your network quickly.

More advanced.
Tumblr provides other useful functions, such as monitoring and analysis of the traffic on your Tumblr blog with Google Analytics. Also, you can apply a custom domain name to a Tumblr blog, which means that you can use Tumblr as the main site or blog for your business. Using a custom domain name can improve the search visibility of your Tumblr blog.

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If you have an existing site that is not easy for mobile users to download or navigate and do not have the resources or time to optimize your website for mobile visitors, consider using a Tumblr blog as a special digital presence will serve also your visitors.

Tumblr does not support comment directly, but you can easily add this functionality by integrating the free tool Disqus.

You can also create as many blogs as you want from your Tumblr account. If you are involved in an event like a film festival or conference, or if you want to build awareness of a topic you can create a blog Tumblr special purpose contained added for a limited time. After the time is up, you can delete this blog or let it stay online as a record.