6 words that will forever change the way you wake up in the morning

The lesson here. Decisions on her stupid brain has to do, the more they will resist awakening. Therefore, using the intelligent brain to eliminate all possible options in the morning. Let me share four simple ways to get there.

1. Set your alarm clock across the room.
The best way to force your brain to stay awake stupid troll is to get your body in motion immediately. I found my place smartphone across the room and setting my alarm forced me to stand up and walk off. not leave the choice to keep my body half asleep. I have no choice but to get up and turn off the alarm.

2. Make your first super easy task.
After the alarm sounds, the temptation is still to crawl into that comfortable warm velvet blankets. But again, I do not want my stupid brain decision elf, so help me take control of the smart brain, give me an incredibly easy task to accomplish.

it is easier for me? Drink a glass of water that has already been paid the day before.

This may sound silly, but a drink of water has a couple of advantages. Besides dehydration off due to lack of water during the night, the intelligent water gives your brain a quick victory. You have taken a positive decision.

Then I like to brush my teeth – because the toothbrush is sitting right there. Again, this is a simple task that requires no work, so my brain can not resist the elf.

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3. Set up your clothes the night before.
I do not want to leave my choice of wardrobe control my brain. It not only will force me to wear underwear to my wife or something similar unfavorable, but if the choice of clothing is left alone, yet choose a bed on the skin.

So I take my clothes from the day before and leave them in a visible place that neither my brain has not lost control.

4. Write your goal morning yesterday.
Right now in my new routine, I made several good decisions, and my brain feels defeated elf. Now it’s time to take things to the next level and beat the troll forever!

To do this, you need to determine exactly how the great task, I’ll need to do once I start my day. After all, if I do not have a clearly defined purpose to wake up or to sleep, I’ll return or vegetate on the couch, when aimlessly moving my Instagram feed for one hour to completely defeat the purpose of waking up early .

So every night before going to bed, put on my calendar for the next morning. I usually just make a short list (sometimes a single element) in my Evernote to say what I’ll do in the morning. For example:

Write 1,000 words for the new book.
Driving to the gym and lifting follow my schedule.
Send e-mail PR for the seven technical writers of real estate.
This allows me to accomplish a number of things: First, I’m not up on the day guard. I know exactly what I’m doing, so no wasted time. I right, removing the brain control once and for all.

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Second, the tasks that I choose are always the most important thing I have to do to get me some more of my goals. If I can accomplish anything all day, I still consider that day a “victory” because I just finished my most important.

Waking up early, so a lot of self-control, good genes or a superpower. You just have to fight this stupid elf brain every morning and win. To do these six little words are necessary: ??Do not let your brain makes decisions.