Waking Up Yourself from Sleep

Let’s say it’s Friday, which has had a long week and still nodding off at your desk. Coffee just is not doing the job itself, and you really do not feel like dumping bottles of energy drinks in miniature on your system just to spend a couple of hours. The good news is that you do not: These are some simple tricks to naturally wake up quickly and without spending more money.

For coffee addicts: When you feel like your coffee it does not give you the jolt you need, try to reduce the amount of milk and sugar is put on. When every sip is more bitter than what we are used, you may feel more awake in the drink.

Take a few minutes of direct sunlight, outside: No matter if you have a study area that gets the sun all day, the light passing through the windows just is not the same as the real case. Step outside and let the skin intact catch some sun, absorb some vitamin D, a breath of fresh air and let your ears feel open a world unmuffled, not the office.

Pulling hairs: Sounds bad, but it really is not; slowly and gently pull your hair to get the blood flowing to the head of a new and refreshing way. It is not as drastic as most other boards of the list, but if you are just beginning to feel the nuances of sleepiness, which can help.

Splashing cold water on your face: This is an oldie but goodie, and the work is done. Just do not go too far from the office bathroom that looks like it fell. To really make this work the most, go out and feel the fresh air hit her face.

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Using the computer as an alarm clock! (Morning) The basic idea is to really pay attention to your alarm, rather than back to sleep. Thus, the “awakening” is sitting in the room, so you have to get out of bed It costs hundreds of dollars, so you will not slap, and forces you to actually use the hand / eye coordination to look at the screen with the mouse to stop the alarm.

Take a break from even YouTube: The sound of children? It could be, but laughter can help awaken a person to sleep better than almost anything but pure terror.

Popping a strong mind: The higher the better, as effervescent effects do a great job of waking you. If you are about to narcolepsy, consider getting a stick-menthol are so strong that help actors fake tears.

Massaging hands: The area between the palm and wrist is a sensitive enough. It is also far enough super relaxing massage points, such as the neck or back, so it gives a deep and prolonged friction minutes can give you all the good feelings, without putting you to sleep in the process.

Social interaction with a stranger: a person who never think until it has already happened by accident. If you feel dead on his feet, mention something when someone closes. Acting tired is not much in front of friends, but our bodies tend to wake up quickly enough to avoid any kind of social awkwardness.

Play music with a fast pace: This may seem obvious or corny, but if you have the opportunity to listen to music when you happen to be asleep-take it! Listen to music you like, but definitely keep optimistic and fast.

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Stretch your back / neck / legs: Do not stay up and yawn, but out of your chair and stretch is about to go jogging. Touch your toes! The point is to really stretch the blood flowing again through your body.

Peel some layers (if possible): It may seem like common sense, but they tend to forget the most basic things when our heads are cloudy with drowsiness. If you still have an extra layer of clothes and you feel sleepy, remove it could give enough of a chill to make things happen and avoid drowsiness.

Flip your head upside down: with slightly wider shoulders feet, bend the extent that you can go and look back between the legs. The massive rush of blood to the head can be a great pick-me-up, just make sure you do not come too fast or dizziness replaces clarity.

Last but not least: the bite of a lemon! If you like sour fruit or not, you can not deny the stinging blow on the face that can provide in times of need. Photo of John.

If you have good advice awakening of their own, they share in the comments!