Walking on High Heels Comfortably

You can do many things to make it easier to wear heels, such as buying more support shoes or adding extra padding. How heels are placed makes a difference, too. Here are three tips to make it easier to walk in heels, and easier on your feet.

You can see the following three and more information, tips in the video above. For those of you who can not see, here’s the breakdown:

Start with a more stable design, like a wedge or chunky heel. Your weight will be no shoe that is distributed through, making it less likely to oscillate.
In general, the first heel of the foot take a strong step that supports and makes you look confident.
On the stairs, walk your feet first if you miss a step, you will have an easier time to catch up. When it comes down, the entire sole of her foot firmly before taking the next step.
If you start with heels, opt for those that are not so high and ankle straps to provide more support. What it all boils down to maintain stability in mind, the design of shoes you buy their way to walk in them.

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