How to wash a hat in the washing machine ?

There are two basic concerns that people have about washing baseball caps:

1) The shape of the lid and the edge was ruined.
2) The cap will contract or be damaged by washing.

Let’s talk about the number one concern. Most hats today use plastic inside to form the edge and no cardboard. The film can resist washing without deformation.

Worry number two is a little more complicated. Some baseball caps are made of wool. Wool can shrink in situations of water and / or heat. Most people do not use wool hats. Most capsules today are cotton or polyester, which can hold up to wash. Personally, I wear a woolen hat. My brother asked me to use only fitted wool caps. He says these guys with plastic clasps are for the thoughts. I guess these leather straps or cloth straddles the cold line / Pansy and well at times.

There are a lot of inventions out there to help people wash their baseball caps. Few plastic hat cages. There are chemical cleansers that seem deodorant under the armpits. There is a suggestion to wash your hat in the dishwasher. IMHO, these ideas are unbalanced.

Here are my instructions for washing plug:

1) If the lid has been made over the past ten years, and is made of polyester or cotton, just throw it in the washing machine with the rest of its clothes. After washing, remove it and allow it to air dry. Here is! A clean cap.

2) If you have concerns about the fragility of the baseball cap, get Woolite, and wash the lid in the kitchen sink with hot water. Do not soak the lid in the water, just use enough Woolite and water to get the dirt. Let dry and you’re good to go.

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If these methods seem to be too difficult for you, I suggest you can not be the kind of person who should wear a baseball cap. Maybe you need one of those loose beret things that art students use in cafeterias.

Feel free to not follow my advice and use any of the other methods but do not come crying for me when the stupid plastic hat cage has melted into your dishwasher.

Of course, no discussion about cap washing would be complete without mentioning the third option, do not wash the cap. The idea of washing a hat is usually not high by a man. Usually it is your wife / girlfriend who brings the idea. Women are displayed on the cleaning thing. Personally, I think they get a little overworked in cleaning. Also put everything worked all the linen thing and want to clean it all the time too, but that is another subject. You can resist other significant wash hat if you want. You just have to be ready to roll eyes on you for a while.

There’s nothing wrong with a dirty hat if you agree with that. If you want a clean blanket, then wash. If you want a clean cap, do not wash. Do not let others make that decision for you.

Now, if you are a woman and you are reading this, you may think, “Ha, I will wash while he has not used and never know!”, But you are wrong. You may only notice her hair cut or that the piece has been painted or the children are running with scissors, but we will notice if our hat is washed. If you do it anyway, you can find a piece of your luxury silk clothes accidentally load white with bleach and washed hot water. So keep your hands on your man’s cap.

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