What modifications make a car faster?

There are many things that can be done to make your car go faster (legally), thanks to tuning . Almost all of them require spending a lot of money, because we almost always focus on the same thing: power, or speed.

But, if you think about it, there are other ways to get your car to run more, without resorting to engine torque or extreme tuning.

TopGear experts reveal  6 tricks to make your car faster, without spending a lot of money.

Sports car

Reduces weight

The acceleration and starting power of your vehicle (and also the fuel consumption) depend directly on the weight of the vehicle. And we are not referring to the chassis or the engine, but the four-story tool box that you carry in the trunk, and that you never use …

If you want your car to go faster  you can start by lightening the weight, eliminating things that you hardly use and that you store in the trunk : the mentioned tools, boxes, speakers, junk.

If you use it little, consider removing the air conditioning , as it adds a lot of weight to the vehicle.

Fine tunning

This is obvious, but we don’t always apply it. A good set-up is vital for the car to achieve maximum performance. An oil change. with a quality brand and new filters, it will make it fly without spending too much money.

Tires and suspension

Going faster does not mean running faster. With better cornering grip and better suspension the car will travel less around corners and accelerate earlier, allowing you to get extra speed. Change the tires, adjust the suspension and brakes, and you’ll notice that improvement in the control you need.

Air and fuel

For the engine to perform at its best it needs a good mixture of air and fuel. Good injectors and a higher flow fuel pump will do wonders for your car’s performance.

Improve your driving

This in an aspect that we do not usually stop to think. But it is clear as water. Your car can go faster … if you learn to drive better. It is not about questioning capabilities, but about achieving perfection. Hamilton or Alonso train every day and still occasionally make mistakes …

There are driving improvement courses that are cheap and you really learn how to better manage the power and maneuverability of a vehicle.

Fiddle the ECU

Did you know you can get 20% more power by changing an ECU software code? If you do, leave it in the hands of a professional who offers you a guarantee, to avoid disappointment …

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