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If you ask people around you right now if they know of someone who has had their car stolen, you will probably come across more than one case.

It is regrettable, but, according to the latest report from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), crime has grown at alarming rates. In the last 12 months alone, 91,366 cases of insured cars were registered, 19.4% more than a year earlier.

We wish you never go through this situation, but if so, it is best that you know what to do from start to finish.

According to AMIS, 62% of the robberies are with violence, so if it happens to you, Lo Jack, a radio-frequency car tracking company, recommends that you try to stay calm, raise your hands, avoid seeing the thief, listen to what you demand, notify your movements and above all, get out of the car and walk away slowly without turning your back so that I can not take you hostage.

What should I do if my car was stolen

Once the danger was over, according to César Berumen, strategic coordinator of the CDMX Citizen Council, “you must report the crime immediately to 911 or press one of the emergency buttons on some posts on public roads and Locatel.”

when to press the panic button

In case you leave it parked and when you return it is not where you left it, call the Crane and Deposit system at 62616300, where with the number of the car’s plates they will inform you if they took you to a corralón. If not found, proceed with the theft report.

When you notify the authorities “they will ask you for information such as model, car color, license plate number, the place and time of the crime and, if you have it, the description of the criminals to try to arrest them in the security arches mounted in the city …

It is important to write down the folio given by 911 and Locatel to hand it over to the Public Ministry (MP) in the complaint, ”said the representative of the Citizen Council.

What do I do if my car was stolen

Subsequently, call the insurance and / or tracking service to start their respective process, “some insurers support with an attorney to make the report, but if you do not have this support, you can call the Citizen Council at 55335533 to send a psychologist and a lawyer to support you and accompany you to the MP throughout the process. Later, if you require it, we will take you to your house, all for free.

It is important to make the complaint immediately, because we do not know what the cars will be used for and we may be affected, “Berumen said.

Once in the MP agency, they will ask you for an original and a copy of your official identification, invoice or invoice letter of the car, CURP and the folios of the reports in 911 and Locatel to start the complaint, where you must narrate the facts accurately , clearly and with as much data as possible, such as streets, time, if you noticed nearby security cameras and features of criminals, among others.

This will be sent to the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Vehicle Theft, located in Calle General Gabriel Hernández N. 30, Colonia Doctores, where you must make an appointment to verify the ownership of the car.

steps to follow after a robbery

If it is recovered, the MP agency will call you so that they can deliver it to you, but if they do not find it within 10 days after the complaint, “assist Semovi to remove the license plates and, if your insurance covers the theft , the process of compensation begins, “ended César.

You already know, if it happens to you, remember that you are not alone, ask for help and complete the process as soon as possible

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