How to wire money to another bank account ?

Wiring money to another bank account

online money Sending, if you share the check at lunch, to pay their share of the bills or buy something through Craigslist, it is easier than ever. There are many services that make it easy to transfer money with a phone number or email address. This week we are looking at five of the best, based on your nominations.

Earlier this week we asked what their preferred methods to send money online were, and we are confident to provide the best security, speed, ease of use and low rates. You responded with many options, but we only have space for the first five. Here they are, in no particular order:

Plaza of cash is fast, flexible, available for iOS and Android, and allows you to send money to others within minutes. All you need an account is a smart phone and e-mail, and of course, the debit card that wants to connect to your account in cash instead, and that’s all. From here you can easily send and deposit money. You can even create what the service calls “of $ cashtags” or custom names that identify and make it easy for others to use cash Square to send money, you can add an electronic signature or put in a card or other. best of all, money transfers with the square are free, which means they are not a cut of the transaction, and does not charge for sending or receiving money. If you are a business user, taking a cut of 1.5% of their transactions, but individual users do not pay a penny.

Those of you who supported the nomination of square silver shone on it, some of you have praised the service for fast transfers, easy money, and many of you have pointed out that money is often in your bank account in minutes rather than waiting days to clear other services. Some of you said that you leave all free to do is like magic, but did not complain. Some of you have rightly place is effective only in the United States, making it off limits to many people, but for those who can use it is a fluke. One of you even mentioned that they use to send money even if you and your spouse have accounts in the same bank! Learn more about his nomination thread here.

If you are looking for the company that really started everything craze “send payment from your phone easily,” it is probably Venmo. The application (available for iOS and Android) is extremely popular, and it’s easy to send payments to anyone with a phone number or email address, completely free. Send money from your Venmo or wallet card connected debit card or bank account is free, and receiving money is free only pay (a 3% commission) if you want to send the money from a card or credit card no longer flow (you can see what is “important” and what is not in their price page.) once you have an account, send money is as easy as sending money you already have in your Venmo account (is can be used as a portfolio if desired) or via a linked bank account or debit card. These operations can be public or private (and public can be hilarious), and may either withdraw the money you have in your bank account Venmo, or leave it there for future remittances. The money you load is usually in your bank account within one business day.

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Many of you Venmo praised for having the largest user base of many of these services (although technically only in the US), and be large enough that you know you can offer to send someone money through Venmo and whether they have an account or have heard about it. Venmo had its security problems, as we have noted in this post on the safety of transferring money, that more than one of you called as a reason to think twice before using the service but others said it was safe enough for you, and protection against fraud offered by your bank felt at home. Others of you rented it to be fast and easy, and allows you to maintain a portfolio of funds, so not all transactions must go back through your bank, and others have mentioned “all children they use the” air about it, that means it’s easy to find people, especially young people who use it. It is also important to mention that Venmo is owned by PayPal, another competitor in this summary. one Venmo you said is “like your brand of funny teenager” and it sounds pretty good. Read more about his nomination thread here.

Google Wallet
Google Wallet certainly allows you to send money to people quickly and easily, this is true, but the service is much more than that. All the recipient needs is a Gmail address (and live in the US, although the service is experimenting with international users) and can send the cash to your Google Wallet account, or a debit card linked, card credit or bank account. Google Wallet is available for Android and iOS, and in addition to being an easy way to send or receive money, if you have an NFC phone can be used for contactless payments in brick stores and mortar, when shopping online, and even use Google Wallet card as a physical card (supported by MasterCard) that is linked to your Google Wallet account. Using Google Wallet is fast and easy, and the money collected from his account to a bank account or debit card takes about one day to land, if that property. In addition, it is free to send money from your wallet, debit card or bank account (only costs money if a credit card is used), and is free to receive money. Best of all, because everything a person needs is a Gmail account to use Google Wallet, chances are that you already have as a payment option, even if they are not actively using.

Those of you who named Google Wallet remember that such instant money transfers are great, and the ability to send money easily to the combined population with the fact that you can use Google Wallet to pay for things in stores or online is a logical whole do- if you want an application that can handle just about anything. Moreover, as we said another person need is a Gmail account and have Google Wallet. You should not get the sign for anything, just ask for your email address. Combined with the fact that Google announced the Android payment, which can be a substitute for, or improve Google Wallet, the option is about to get even more useful. You can read more about his nomination thread here.
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PayPal has a long and interesting history. If one of our worst customer service business and be strong enough to inspire a whole article on PayPal alternatives, the service seems to have at least awakened to their bad reputation in recent years, but is still not completely supports to keep people’s money and freeze accounts when they are needed. PayPal is everywhere, and while its subsidiary, Venmo, many Mindshare, almost everyone has a PayPal account. The service allows you to send money in a few clicks through the web or their mobile applications (available for Android and iOS), keep your money in your PayPal account as a wallet or even use PayPal for output tons to online retailers, or nearly everyone with an online store does not manage the payment process. Sending money with PayPal is easy and free for personal transactions, as long as you use your PayPal account or a debit card or unauthorized bank account (costs come into play when credit cards are used), and time you send money to the United States (PayPal is compatible with international money transfers, there are only the costs involved, as well as foreign currency.) When paying for goods or services using your PayPal account, the person providing the service is hit with a 2.9% + $. 30 fee for your transaction (which may or may not come back to you.) PayPal fees can be confusing, but you can read a breakdown of them here. In short, just make sure your transactions are personal and are not labeled for goods or services. usually once you have the money in your PayPal account, reimbursement to a bank account takes several days (up to five days or more), so be prepared for that.
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Those of you who named PayPal for two main reasons: Whether a: It is everywhere and everyone knows who has an account, or b: It is the only one of this kind of services that you have heard. Few of you said they really liked via PayPal, but it’s like that it’s pretty easy to use, available everywhere, supports international money transfers (unlike most other contenders here), and people who know nothing about banking online or send money recognized as a longstanding and well known name. You can read more of the total return on your nomination thread here.

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Chase Quick Pay
Surprisingly, you do not have an account at the Chase Bank Chase Quick Pay using, but if it does, it really helps. If someone sends you money through Chase Quick Pay, you can sign up for an account and use it later, but if you want to use you and you are not a customer of Chase, actually you can sign and bind another bank account or debit card for the service (however, a person in the transaction must have a Chase account to start in substance that can be used to receive money if you are not a customer of Chase, but you can not use it to send.) sending and receiving money is free and only requires sending a phone number or email address. Get your money fast, and usually only takes a few minutes, and if you are a customer of Chase, your money is immediately available. If you are not a customer of Chase, usually takes a little longer, but not much. The service is US only, and there is no charge for sending or receiving money.

Those of you who named Chase Quick Pay praised for being quick and easy, and even it is an easy thing to send money to customers not making the Chase, but also many of you said that the process is difficult for those outside Chase customer to accept the money, and the Chase mobile banking app is only useful for Chase customers, so those who do not have checking account Chase, but Chase payment accounts rapid are still a little in the cold. More than one of you said, if Hunt has made it easier for others to use the service, and access to their money. You can read more about his nomination thread here.

Now that you’ve seen the top five, it’s time to put a total vote to determine the favorite of the community:
What is the best way to send money online? (Poll Closed)
Place Cash 24.95% (529 votes)
Venmo 18.21% (386 votes)
Google Wallet 23.11% (490 votes)
PayPal 25.94% (550 votes)
Chase Quick Pay 7.78% (165 votes)

Total votes: 2120
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honorable mentions

Not to mention this week, as the nominations went pretty quickly after five. We must, however, give a signal Bitcoin however, as some people refer to as a private and anonymous way to send and manage funds, despite the ease and without effort, it is largely dependent on the wallet application is using for this purpose. We do not have space here to really get into the details of Bitcoin, but for more information, our primary Bitcoin and what you can do with it is a great place to start. If you do not have time to everyone that this two-minute video should do the trick.