How to Work from Home and Earn Good Money ?

5 ways to make your house Fun in the Workplace

The location is most important to ensure your working time is productive and fun factor

Some studies have shown that working from home leads to greater productivity and higher morale. Others suggest that the benefits are at best temporary, and that the extended time spent working at home actually undermines one of productivity and, subsequently, the will to live. But regardless of the fact that the economy is growing together and more companies are trying to save space in the office, working from home is officially a thing, so it behooves us to learn. And do it well. And perhaps do not wear pants.

As someone who has spent nearly a third of his career working at home, and literally wears the pants not to write this column, I am firmly in the camp itself in the matter. Almost two years after my last leg in the hole, my productivity is constant and my mood is quite upbeat. I am free from showers of mandatory morning tiresome changes, plant office silences open terrible coffee cups and sad K-Cup. It is more difficult for people to waste my time with endless face to face meetings. I have a lot of control in terms of how do I allocate my working hours. There is a good deal.

This does not mean that you should get used to. He does it. When I started as a freelance writer, a friend gave me a tip: lunch. He wanted to leave and they, along with other human beings. And he’s right. Working from home can be isolating. If you are not careful, they slide past few months and suddenly find you have a hard time looking people in the eye. Therefore: lunch. With other human beings.

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This advice served me well, but after doing this for years, I am ready to go even further, and consecrated a sort of unifying theory. This may seem a paradox, or at least a validation fears administrators of the old school who equate “telecommuting” to “see Game of Thrones to 14 hours with an open laptop”, but for me the key to success in the working at home is not working ….

Bear with me. In 2013, researchers found that the optimal ratio of work to rest was 52 minutes and 17 minutes of rest. If this is all true, we know that the brain needs regular rest periods to remain strong. So if you’re in an office, making downtime think? You probably do not like anything, as he is petrified of being seen to do anything. If it takes some time, most probably just surf the web or chat online because open space effectively extinguished conversation. But these activities to keep the brain occupied and the processing of new stimuli. Meaning that it is not resting. Meaning it is not at rest, which means that just lost a break.

Now, suppose you work from home. You need a break, you can wash clothes. You can access the store preparing dinner, washing dishes. The whole house is full of small tasks that only part of his mental faculties are engaged and let your mind wander. This state is what neuroscientists call the brain default mode, and is essentially the brain of rest and refreshment after a long period of active reflection. When you come back, you come back refreshed.

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No work of art requires discipline to work from a different species. You must reject the ingrained belief that is present in a desktop computer is the same as being productive. And there are explained in detail their mental needs. When it comes time to rest, you need to learn to do it without guilt. In Puritan New England native ethical increased with the classic work, I can attest that this is harder to do than it sounds.