This instructable will show you how easily wrap a gift!

Step 1: Materials

Box materials
You will need:

your gift


Step 2: Step 1

Step Image 1
Get your gift and place it on any type of wrapping paper. Cut about 5 inches from your gift.
Step 3: Step 2

Image Step 2
007.jpg ggg
Choose both sides of the tape you want on the gift (I chose the longer sides, as they can cover the image). Gang of both edges of the wrapping paper on top of the pack
Step 4: Step 3

Image Step 3
Your next step is to make the sides. Look at the placement of the wrapping paper to each side. It is the role too long (eg, paper is all the way down)? If so, cut a little out until the paper is in the middle of the pack (see also for the other side). Take the paper and ribbon on the container. Make sure the tape down hard.
Step 5: Step 4

Image Step 4
011.jpg ggg
012.jpg ggg
013.jpg ggg
014.jpg ggg
015.jpg ggg
Take one side of the wrapper and fold. Tape the edges of the paper does not touch the ground. If you do not understand, look at the images shown. Repeat with the other edge of the wrapping paper.
Step 6: Step 5

Image Step 5
018.jpg ggg
Take the tip of the wrapper and fold against the package. Tape the top of the ‘triangle’. Repeating steps 3 to 5 of the other side of the package. Then your done! 🙂

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