Microtrends: Vacation Apartments

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A vacation home is a special kind of new construction projects that evokes a special kind of envy. Such housing is usually located on the sea.

The owners come here exclusively for recreation – in the summer or on weekends. What is the difference between the requirements of customers for their own vacation apartment compared to the main housing?

Layout: optimal – studio

Most designers agree that vacation apartments are no-frills projects. Only the essentials: be it upholstered furniture, decor or cutlery. The same rule applies to the organization of space: the simpler the better. The fewer partitions and furniture, the easier it is to breathe.

Maximum simplicity and convenience. So that you do not have to spend time wiping a large number of shelves.

In holiday and business apartments, dwellers often make a common kitchen-living room area with sofas and a large dining table. The bar counter in this case is an addition, but not an alternative. People on vacation have dinner for a long time, communicate. It is desirable that the chairs are comfortable for evening gatherings.

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Separate bedroom

The studio with a separate bedroom is the most common layout for holiday homes. It allows you to squeeze the maximum number of beds. For the same reason, architects often add balconies.

Storage: no need for many cabinets

A minimum of utility rooms is another key difference between a holiday apartment and an ordinary one. Winter things, a home library, old coats are not stored here.

Customers in such apartments do not need a lot of storage space. But there is a caveat: there are fewer wardrobes in a vacation apartment than in a regular one. At the same time, more space is allocated for the storage of sports equipment – bicycles, surfboards, etc.

Bathrooms: no bath

Bathrooms in holiday apartments customers prefer small, with a shower. Comfortable and more functional than in their permanent home. Most often, the owners refuse the bath in favor of a comfortable shower. At the same time, space is freed up for a washing machine.

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Terrace – a separate world

Many resort apartments have terraces. They can be fully open or partially closed, with a retractable canopy or a full roof. The arrangement of this zone depends on the wishes of the owners. Someone is sunbathing on the terrace, someone is having lunch, and someone is sleeping. Terrace furniture must withstand the sun’s rays and dry quickly if it has not been covered from the rain. It can be wooden or wicker furniture with pillows. Particular attention is paid to the height and reliability of the fence, if children will rest.

Materials: without pathos, but reliable

Despite all the requirements of customers for comfort, a vacation apartment is usually finished and furnished cheaper than the main one. The materials used are budget, but high quality.

Finishing materials in holiday apartments must be moisture-resistant, vapor-permeable, non-flammable and not support the development of mold. These are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaics, decorative plaster, latex paint, leather, PVC, etc.

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